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Connect to your database. Design models for your tables. Choose presentation options. Enjoy the result. Every app comes with charting, calendar, grids, with sorting, grouping, advanced filtering, deep searching out-of-the-box. Learn more ┬╗

What do our customers think?

After years fighting with knockouts, angular, Vue.JS and html tags, I discovered this tool. Finally I can focus on what's important. PeraCotta (translated)

Just updated to 8.6.1 and been playing for many hours. I'm finding it a pleasure to use this new version and the UI is great. A real cutting edge leap in the app generation world. Jonesy

These guys are on the bleeding edge, and their out-of-the-box User Experience (UX) blows anything else away that I've seen on the market! If you don't use COT, you'll need to integrate some 3rd party UX product on top of whatever other JS framework or ASP.NET MVC app you create. It boggles my mind that Microsoft does not focus more on UX in their developer frameworks' output (unlike the excellent UX that COT provides)... Nick